Exciting news at Cavell Leitch!

We’re pleased to announce our newly appointed General Manager, Craig Graham.

Prior to joining Cavell Leitch, Craig served as the Group General Manager of international seed business, Carrfields. Craig has managed teams throughout Australia, New Zealand and India, giving him experience in dealing on an international stage, especially within the regions of Europe and the Asia Pacific.

With multiple years’ experience in senior executive roles, together with the firm’s leadership team, Craig will lead Cavell Leitch as it enters a new phase in the firm’s long term strategy. This will see him supporting Cavell's full operation in driving sustainable business growth and continuing to provide our clients with amazing service.

At Cavell Leitch, we are proud of our legacy and Craig has been appointed to continue this legacy and reinforce our position as one of the South Island’s leading law firms.

We sat down with Craig to hear from him what he has to say about his appointment:

“The first impression I gained when walking into the business and speaking with the partnership was the experience of the existing team.  I am privileged to be part of this team and excited about our growth potential.  As a team, we also have the backing of a board which is willing and ready to adapt with the market. Being immersed in a new environment will certainly provide me with some challenges, but we are evolving and I am proud to be part of the Cavell Leitch team and this next phase in our legacy."

Craig also has some clear objectives with the partnership:

“As one of Canterbury’s leading mid-sized law firms, we are set to change the landscape and old perceptions.  We are a modern, innovative and agile firm.  The expertise of our team is well recognised in the marketplace, we value our people and we like to have fun along the way.”

“The formation of our 10 year strategy will continue to keep us honest and on track to achieve a number of goals for the firm and our clients.”

“I am excited about our future and I look forward to meeting a number of our clients along the way.”

As a firm, we are thrilled to welcome Craig on board.

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