Workplace Health & Safety

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Health & Safety is an area of law that businesses take lightly at their own risk.  The Government's recent focus on health and safety in the workplace has led to a significant reform of current legislation, monitoring and enforcement systems.  New legislation will include increased accountability on employers and will require closer interaction between management, employees and the new health and safety regulator Worksafe New Zealand.

Proactive, rather than reactive, steps are essential to managing health and safety in the workplace. A constructive employment relationship is fundamental to achieving this and also to creating a culture in the workplace regarding health and safety as part of everyday work practice.  We can assist employers and employees by:

  • Advising on and drafting health and safety terms and conditions in employment agreements
  • Drafting health and safety and related policies and strategies, for example, in relation to harassment or fatigue
  • Managing and advising on employer or employee obligations and any related claims, for example, stress in the workplace
  • Advising on legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Managing communications with Worksafe New Zealand, for example, in relation to improvement and prohibition notices.

When an accident does occur, it is essential the response is managed and coordinated well to ensure minimal disruption and cost. Our team has the expertise to provide immediate legal advice and astute management of investigations and defence of prosecutions.