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Disputes are commonplace in the modern world but it is no longer the case that the primary method of resolving them is by court proceedings. There are now many options open to resolve disputes. Mediation is one such method where a trained mediator meets with and assists disputing parties to negotiate a settlement.

Mediation allows the parties to examine and discuss the underlying causes of their dispute.  It enables parties to generate creative resolutions that meet their needs and that may not be available through traditional dispute resolution processes such as court action. Other benefits of mediation can include confidentiality and the ability to resolve disputes quickly.

Most often parties will attend mediation with their lawyer who plays a vital role in both representing their clients interests and recording the terms of any settlement. Our litigation team have significant experience in all aspects of mediation and can work with you from the outset to ensure the best possible outcome. We can assist with advice as to whether mediation is appropriate for your dispute, selection of the mediator, advising you on the mediation agreement through to attendance at the mediation itself.

We invite you to contact our team for further information on the mediation process today.