Initial Contacts

We provide a wide range of advice for insurers and insurance brokers on all manners of insurance policies. Our services include:

  • Professional indemnity and negligence actions.
  • Alternative dispute resolution.
  • Policy interpretation and drafting.
  • Analysis and advice on recent decisions or legislative changes.
  • Declinature advice.
  • Subrogated recoveries.
  • Subrogated defence

Recent events in Christchurch have seen our insurance experts become heavily involved in assisting clients with insurance policy interpretation. Phrases such as "depopulation" have become common and understanding exactly what each specific policy wording means has become extremely important. Business Interruption insurance claims in particular require detailed analysis of what the policy actually provides and whether cover is available for the specific circumstances of the claimant.

To assist you in understanding Business Interruption Insurance and "Depopulation" better we have prepared a paper setting our some of the issues. Please contact our firm early if you have any insurance claims that may become contentious.

We look forward to assisting you in these difficult times.