Family Law

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Our Relationships team (family law) is a vastly experienced group of lawyers who can advise on all of the legal issues that arise from new or old relationships. Our team is unique in that its members work exclusively on family law advice – whereas most other lawyers provide relationship advice only as a part of their other criminal, employment or civil litigation advice. Our experts are based in Christchurch and Queenstown however they assist clients right across New Zealand.

Key areas of advice include:

  • Property agreements – putting in place agreements to provide for what is to happen in the event that you separate or one party dies.
  • Separation – advice around relationships that are at an end (including marriage and divorce) and your rights in relation to money, property, maintenance and children. Children – advice in relation to custody, paternity, adoption and child support.
  • Protection – advice around protection from violent partners or under mental health legislation.
  • Claims against estates – advice where there is a claim that a deceased person has not provided for relatives or loved ones in the way that was expected.

Such issues are often complex and urgent which means that dealing with a genuine family law expert from the outset is essential to acheive the best outcome.