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9 Technology Articles

Software Licence Agreements

Many New Zealand businesses (whether small or large) will have entered into some form of software licence agreement. But as software becomes more advanced and complex, so too can software licensing arrangements. This article aims to identify some important issues that all businesses should bear in mind when considering licensing ...

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Employee incentives

One of the key considerations for a business is how to motivate, incentivise and ultimately keep valuable staff; this is something carefully considered employee benefits can assist with.

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Your employee's work visa has been declined – what can you do?

Employment law versus Immigration law.
In the current labour market many industries find it difficult (or impossible) to recruit suitably qualified and experienced local staff. Therefore, quite understandably, they recruit from outside of New Zealand. Unfortunately there can often be employment relationship issues with work visa employees.

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Business Structures

Many business owners do not give much thought to their business structure or consideration as to whether their business structure needs to change as the business grows and evolves.

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