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47 Residential Property Articles

Helping Millennials into their first home

There has been much discussion in the media about the difficulty of buying your first home. The government has released the Kiwibuild scheme to both fanfare and criticism. People who qualify enter a ballot for homes, yet to be built. The income level limits for qualification for singles and couples ...

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Early access – beware the risks

When buying or selling houses, everyone wants to ideally get along during an often stressful ordeal. Vendors commonly agree to let a purchaser into a property before settlement to store items or complete repairs. But as well-intentioned as these arrangements are, there are some real risks you should protect yourself ...

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Buyer beware: Christchurch’s property market’s hidden costs

A recent article in the press a couple of weeks ago highlighted that there are several houses in Christchurch which were never correctly fixed after the Canterbury Earthquakes and as a result may be financially toxic. People purchasing these houses run the risk that they may be buying into an ...

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The cost of compliance

The past few years have seen a number of law changes which have impacted our service with no real value added to the transactions we complete for our clients. To name but a few, there has been increased compliance with the introduction of the Bright line test and the associated ...

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Post November 2016 Earthquake Lending Requirements

The latest earthquakes have not just caused movement to the landscape but have also caused movement with regard to bank’s lending requirements in some regions around New Zealand. Banks are understandably cautious about advancing funds on properties that may have sustained damage in the most recent earthquakes.

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IAG no longer accepting any Deeds of Assignment

Over the past 6 years it had become usual practice that EQC and private insurance claims were assigned to the purchaser upon a sale if the parties both agreed. Previously private insurers had been happy to allow the assignment of these claims provided a valid Deed of Assignment was entered ...

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