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Claims on death by estranged children

Often we are contacted by a child, after the death of a parent, to see whether they should make a claim against their parent’s estate. They may be unhappy with the size of the provision for them, or may have been excluded completely. Equally we have faced questions from ...

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PPSR – Tips to protect your position

The Personal Property Security Register (PPSR), is a searchable online database of financing statements. If your business supplies customers with equipment or stock on credit or consignment basis, your interest should be registered against each of those customers. When a customer is insolvent, or when you are trying to collect ...

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Separation – What happens to the children?

One of the most important issues to resolve when you separate from a partner is how you will each share the care of the children. Many families require assistance to work out a fair and practical child care arrangement that is in the best interests and welfare of the children.

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Are you the Guardian of your child?

Generally if you are your child's biological parent then you are their guardian - but sometimes there are more complicated circumstances which apply and guardians have to be appointed by the Court.

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Increases in New Zealand's paid parental leave

Is New Zealand finally catching up to other OECD countries in the paid parental leave stakes? In this article Peter van Keulen looks at the current paid parental leave entitlement and the possibility surrounding an increase to six months if Sue Moroney's Members' Bill is passed.

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Police Safety Orders

As from 1 July 2010, amendments to the Domestic Violence Act 1995 now enable the Police to issue on-the spot ‘Police Safety Orders’ (‘PSO’).

Under this new regime, a qualified constable may issue a PSO in a situation where the parties are in a domestic relationship, and where the Police ...

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