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Returning Client: Santa

One of our favourite clients, Mr S. Claus (who we call Santa), has been in touch again.

It’s a busy time of year for Santa, as it is for many of our clients. Also, just like many of our clients, he needs urgent immigration and employment advice before Christmas ...

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Software Licence Agreements

Many New Zealand businesses (whether small or large) will have entered into some form of software licence agreement. But as software becomes more advanced and complex, so too can software licensing arrangements. This article aims to identify some important issues that all businesses should bear in mind when considering licensing ...

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Timely reminder of directors’ duties

In the recent case of Morgenstern v Jeffreys, the Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal against a High Court ruling that Morgenstern had breached his duties as a director by selling all of the shares in Morning Star Limited to Morning Star Enterprises Limited (in liquidation) for $3.5 million.

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Increases in New Zealand's paid parental leave

Is New Zealand finally catching up to other OECD countries in the paid parental leave stakes? In this article Peter van Keulen looks at the current paid parental leave entitlement and the possibility surrounding an increase to six months if Sue Moroney's Members' Bill is passed.

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Immigration & employment compliance checks are on their way

The Labour Inspectorate is focused on ensuring that Christchurch employers, particularly those in the construction industry, are compliant with employment and immigration laws. Therefore, the Labour Inspectorate will be visiting a number of Christchurch employers, over the next few months, to undertake compliance checks.

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