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4 Weathertight Building Issues Articles

Buyer beware: Christchurch’s property market’s hidden costs

A recent article in the press a couple of weeks ago highlighted that there are several houses in Christchurch which were never correctly fixed after the Canterbury Earthquakes and as a result may be financially toxic. People purchasing these houses run the risk that they may be buying into an ...

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The Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill

This bill was aimed at addressing the issue of cold, damp rental accommodation in New Zealand. Find out the current status of this bill and what it would mean for landlords and tenants.

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Council Liability for Leaky Buildings

A recent Supreme Court decision has altered the scope of a Council’s liability in relation to the leaky buildings saga.

Body Corporate No.207624 v North Shore City Council (SC 58/2011) [2012] NZSC 83, held that councils owe a duty of care to all owners of buildings in ...

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