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Commercial property as an investment option? – 5 Top Tips

With the increasing cost of residential property making rental returns in the short term less attractive, as well as proposed restrictions on who can buy, some investors are now looking to commercial property as an alternative.

In this article, we provide you with 5 top tips as to what you ...

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Dealing with Canterbury property - beware the dangers

We are now three years on from the earthquakes, and although the aftershocks are dying down (touch wood), it is still necessary to keep earthquake damage foremost in your mind when buying, selling or leasing commercial or residential property in Canterbury.

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Leases and what we have learned since the Earthquakes

The Christchurch earthquakes demonstrated the need to provide certainty around some of the issues that arose for landlords and tenants after the disaster. The sixth edition of the ADLS Deed of Lease (“the sixth edition”), released on 5 November 2012, addressed amongst other things these concerns and also included changes ...

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Off the Richter

New Zealand is internationally renowned for it’s breathtaking and diverse landscape, however less publicised, until recently, is the fact that we are situated between two major fault lines. Consequently seismic activity is also an undeniable feature of life in our remarkable land.

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