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48 Commercial Property and Leasing Articles

Getting it right – the tender process.

The tender process is widely used in commercial property where an owner is engaging building contractors or is selling a property. Requests for tenders can create a separate process contract and this process contract has implied duties and obligations. It is important to understand these duties and obligations and also ...

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Shared Equity Schemes - how do they work?

With the increasing unaffordability of housing in our main centres, many local authorities, Housing Trusts, and even public companies like Fletchers are looking at shared equity schemes as a way of bridging the gap between the market value (say $600,000) and what first time buyers can afford to pay ...

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Commercial property as an investment option? – 5 Top Tips

With the increasing cost of residential property making rental returns in the short term less attractive, as well as proposed restrictions on who can buy, some investors are now looking to commercial property as an alternative.

In this article, we provide you with 5 top tips as to what you ...

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FAQs - When entering a new Lease (as a Tenant)

If you are about to enter into a new lease, you probably have a few questions about your rights and obligations under the lease.

It is always best to approach your lawyer early in the leasing process and definitely before you sign an Agreement to Lease or a Deed of ...

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Property syndicates – the lowdown

There has been a lot of activity in the property syndication market in the last few years. You might have thought about investing in a property syndicate or even looked at establishing one. We give you the lowdown on what it’s all about.

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Cavell Leitch Spotlight - Rapaki Property Group

For more than 25 years Cavell Leitch has shared an immensely valued working relationship with Simon Henry, one of Christchurch’s largest industrial property investors, and his Rapaki Property Group. During this time Cavell Leitch has assisted Rapaki with the acquisition, development and leasing of a number of commercial and ...

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A Brief Market Update – Christchurch Commercial Property

The Christchurch commercial property market experienced disruption following the Canterbury Earthquakes. Prior to the earthquakes, increasing vacancy rates and shorter lease terms evidenced what was effectively a ‘tenant’s market’. Tenancy inducements were on offer to attract quality tenants whilst rental growth and investment demand remained relatively flat.

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