No more visa labels


New Zealand Immigration Update: July 2018



INZ will no longer place visa labels in physical passports, unless specifically requested by an applicant, and after a fee is paid.

eVisas will now be issued and will need to be printed out and carried with a physical passport, when travelling internationally.


There is no longer a need to have a physical label in an individual’s passport to verify that they have a visa.  Almost half of New Zealand visas are now label-less and INZ would like to extend this to all applications.

Who will be impacted?

Any individual applying for a New Zealand temporary entry or residence class visa, whether online or through a paper-based application. 


  • eVisas can be used immediately after issue.
  • Physical passports do not need to be sent in for label endorsement.

Note: students using Provider Direct will still require physical labels, at this stage.

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