Get in quick - visa application fees set to rise


New Zealand Immigration Update: September 2018


Application fees for New Zealand visas are set to rise dramatically, after MBIE has proposed to significantly increase visa fees, to reduce Immigration New Zealand’s financial deficit.  

What increases are being proposed?  

MBIE has proposed the following changes to visa application fees: 

  • Removing the $20 discount for online applications;

  • 54% fee increase across a lot of the work visa categories;

  • Increasing other visa fees by 10%, such as for resident or visitor visa applications;

  • 20% increase to employer accreditation initial and subsequent applications; and

  • Slight fee reductions for student and business visas.  

Public consultation has now closed and a decision on these changes is likely imminent.  

Who will be impacted?

  • Individuals looking to apply for work or residence visas;

  • Employers hoping to support employees in securing work or residence visas; and

  • Employers planning to submit first time accreditation or renewal applications. 

Our advice

We encourage employers to carry out an ‘immigration stock-take’.  If you have employees who are looking to renew their work visas or apply for residence, we would encourage them to get these applications in soon.  


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