Delayed Processing Times


New Zealand Immigration Update: December 2018.
Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is currently receiving high volumes of visa applications. As a result, they have signalled delayed processing times, through 2019.




INZ typically experience high numbers of visa applications during the summer months.  This is when visitor visa applications peak and international students are looking to apply for their student visas, for the new academic year.

The recent closure of various INZ processing branches is likely contributing to the temporary backlogs that INZ are experiencing, as new offices become familiar with different applications and risk profiles.

Additionally, INZ will cease processing for approximately two weeks, over the holiday period.

Who will be impacted

  • Individuals who have submitted an application recently, or are looking to file their visa application in the coming months.
  • Employers looking to support individuals for work visas, intending to start work early in 2019.

Our advice

  • File applications early, allowing for the published processing time.
  • Do not book non-refundable flights relying on previous processing times.
  • Apply online, via the INZ Immigration Online portal.
  • Supply all relevant information from the outset, to avoid further requests.

Note: INZ have said that they will not prioritise a visa application just because an applicant has already purchased non-refundable travel.

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