New Zealand in Focus: What You Need to Know



Nicola Appleton, immigration expert and leader of the Cavell Leitch Immigration Team, was the guest speaker at the recent BAL Global “New Zealand in Focus: What You Need to Know” seminar.

Nicola Appleton, leader of our Immigration Team, was the expert guest speaker at the recent BAL Global “New Zealand in Focus: What You Need to Know” seminar held in Sydney, Australia. Fariha Islam, Senior Global Advisor, Berry Appleman & Leiden Pty Ltd also presented.

Nicola discussed important regulatory guidelines and the process for obtaining temporary and permanent corporate visas to enter and work in New Zealand.

The presentation addressed areas of competence for immigration professionals, including:

  • An overview of work visas available to sponsoring companies
  • Employer compliance requirements
  • Crossover between employment and immigration law
  • Permitted activities on business visas
  • Work to Residence visa
  • Other options for Residency

The content is aimed at HR professionals, mobility teams and decision-makers who are often involved in sending employees to New Zealand for work assignments. The presentation offers insights for those who are new to immigration into New Zealand, and provides advice on complex situations for experienced professionals seeking answers.

If you would like to view the presentation, please email Nicola Appleton and she will be happy to provide you with the link.

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