Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan decision


Environment Canterbury recently notified decisions on the proposed Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan. The proposed plan is currently subject to appeal but when these are resolved, the Plan will become operative.

The Land and Water Regional Plan (LWRP) will provide the regulatory framework to support the Canterbury Water Management Strategy. A key component of the LWRP is the management of nutrient leaching, specifically nitrogen leaching from farming activities.

The Canterbury region has been divided into a number of zones according to whether water quality outcomes are being met. Monitoring and managing nutrients will become increasingly important and many farming operations will be required to develop detailed nutrient budgets and farm environment plans in order to continue farming.

The responsibility for gathering information, developing nutrient budgets and plans and demonstrating compliance with the LWRP requirements rests with land owners. As a result, this will become an increasingly important part of the due diligence process when buying, selling or leasing rural land.

Our expert rural team is able to provide advice and assistance to enable clients to understand and meet these new requirements.

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